Build Wealth., Eternal Outcomes., Create Sustainability.


Build Wealth. Create Sustainability.

Revayah Capital is an investment firm with a purpose that reaches beyond financial returns.

Revayah is a Hebrew word used uniquely in the Scriptures in Psalm 23:5 - “my cup runneth over” – ( רֹ֝אשִׁ֗י כּוֹסִ֥י רְוָיָֽה ) meaning abundance, saturated, over-flowing.

Capital can be a powerful vehicle for change. We partner with our investors to acquire interests in privately held businesses and improve them through proven leadership in areas of strategy, problem solving, business development, and operational execution. Our approach offers investors the opportunity to grow their wealth and leave a legacy through providing sustainable philanthropic solutions.

Reaching beyond
financial returns.


Revayah Capital is...

a unique investment firm with offices located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Our team consists of experienced specialists in operational, transactional and investment disciplines with investment and operating experience in various sectors: information & communications infrastructure, financial services, technology, agriculture, consumer electronics, and manufacturing.

Central to our investment philosophy is identifying great businesses and leaders who understand their market, invest in their people, and have the ability to deliver quality earnings and sustainable growth. Such businesses understand that people, products, and service are the drivers that create real business value and performance.


What sets us apart.

To fund our investments, we approach investors to participate on a deal-by-deal basis. Guided by proven and successful investment strategies, the Revayah Capital team targets net investment returns of 12% for our investors while providing sustainable philanthropic solutions for Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations focusing on one or more of the following areas: education, training, children and youth programs, faith-based social services, and humanitarian and relief services.

The uniqueness of the model is twofold, 1) the investor benefits from a targeted net investment return of 12% annually and, 2) a 501(c)3 charitable vehicle is funded via voluntary investor participation. As a result, we target both financial and economic returns while building capital in charitable vehicles for the long-term sustainability of their beneficiaries.

Our Team

Kent Bresee
Managing Principal
B.A., M.A.

Kent’s greatest passion is connecting and working with people combined with a life-long commitment to service and facilitating principled methods for capital to make a positive impact. After graduating with a Master’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma, Kent worked in private practice then moved to advising/consulting, real estate and finance. He has traveled the world extensively working and volunteering in faith-based organizations and collaborating with individuals, companies, and government representatives in support of their work in Washington DC, Africa, India, China, and Switzerland. Kent works to bring economic value to our clients and companies by connecting them to beneficial opportunities, companies, and people.

Kent has served as the American representative for the Business Professional Network Foundation and is on the Board of Directors of a number of organizations including The Seed Company, a faith-based 501(c)3 organization focused on scripture translation around the world.

Lance Chastain
Managing Principal
B.A. w/Minor (Magna Cum Laude)

Lance Chastain has founded, advised, and led multiple businesses from concept to start up with two reaching double-digit multimillion-dollar global sales and aggregate revenues in excess of $250mm.  His global C-level leadership and operating experience has been utilized across a range of business sectors and markets in startup, turnaround, operating, and high growth scenarios. Lance holds two patents for technology and industrial product design and has won numerous awards for product innovation, design, and performance. He has been responsible for the creation and successful launch of over 100 proprietary products that sold millions of units in both domestic and international markets.Lance has extensive international supply chain and strategic alliance formation experience combined with Asian cultural experience. He studied Mandarin Chinese at Wichita State and holds a BBA with a minor in Management (Magna Cum Laude) from Wichita State University’s Barton School of Business.



Capital is a powerful vehicle for change.

We partner with our investors to not only grow their wealth, but to leave a legacy through providing sustainable philanthropic solutions.

Traditional private equity investing can have a deleterious effect on companies owned and operated by leaders who are philanthropically minded. With a strict focus on financial returns, typical PE type investments leave little to contribute back to those in need in a sustainable manner. Our investment model offers a sustainable approach consisting of both financial and social returns, both of which are measured and targeted towards creating real and enduring value without imposed limits of fund cycles or exit horizons.

Investors that participate with Revayah Capital via our investment model can have an amplified philanthropical influence for good and a sustainable impact extending into future generations.



The Revayah Capital team plays an active role in every business we invest in; whether as a representative on the board or in some cases in the day to day management. The skills and experience of our team facilitates the growth of the underlying business as well as maximizing the return to our investors while being a positive influence on the culture.

Our investment approach is flexible, but typically guided by the following:

  • Focus on companies with revenues from $5mm - $100mm and promising growth fundamentals. Sector agnostic.
  • Focus on companies with historical cash flows - special situations are not ruled out.
  • Investment flexibility – equity and debt options. Typical equity stake of 20-100%.
  • Ethical leadership team with proven expertise.


Business Leaders

Central to our investment philosophy is connecting with proven business leaders who understand their market, invest in their people, and have the ability to deliver quality earnings and sustainable growth. Such leaders understand that people, products, and service are the drivers that create real business value and performance.

If you’re a leader of a company and looking for a buyout or capital partner with experience and values that extend well beyond traditional finance, we invite you to contact us. Whether it’s helping fund an ownership transition / liquidity, properly capitalizing the company for growth, or a desire to maintain the company’s values while taking advantage of new markets and opportunities, our people and approach make the difference.